Gospel at Home


Choose one day and time during the week in which the family can gather together for about 30 minutes. Children can also take part. The family might have visitors every now and then, and they may be invited to participate. If they are not Spiritists, the purpose of the meeting should be explained to them. It is also possible for a person to do this alone – the guidelines are still the same.


2.1 Beginning of the meeting – simple and spontaneous prayer.

2.2 Reading of The Gospel according to Spiritism or New Testament of the bible – starting with the Preface and then one section.

2.3 Comments on the reading – they should be brief and should involve all present, emphasizing the application of the moral teaching to everyday situations.

2.4 Vibrations – ask for fraternity, peace and equilibrium for all Humankind, all leaders and for those who are responsible for children, youth, adults and the elderly; for the implementation and living example of the Gospel in all homes; for the participants’ own home, mentalizing peace, harmony and health for the body and spirit.

2.5 Petitions – one can make petitions for family members, friends, persons who are not part of the circle of friendship, and for all Humankind.

2.6 Closing prayer – simple, sincere and spontaneous, thanking God, Jesus and the Good Spirits.

NOTE: The Gospel at Home should not turn into a mediumistic meeting.

Any intuition or inspiration that may occur should be expressed during the general comments at the suitable time.


The Gospel according to Spiritism (Allan Kardec) (International Spiritist Council,2009).

Our Daily Bread (Emmanuel)

The Pathway , the Truth and the Light (Emmanuel)

Happy Life (Joanna de Angelis)

Child of God (Joanna de Angelis)

Living and Loving (Joanna de Angelis)

Recipes for Peace (Joanna de Angelis)

Open Your Heart and Find Happiness (Joanna de Angelis)

Christian Agenda (Andre Luiz)

Fraternal Hug

Peace be with you