About Us

We are a  group based in Vancouver, BC for over twenty years and our goal is to spread the consoling Spiritist doctrine.

In essence, the objectives and purposes of Allan Kardec Vancouver are based on the Spiritist Doctrine codified by Allan Kardec, in the teachings of Jesus Christ and other materials aligned to the principles of the Gospel.

Our activities are diverse and range from fratenal counseling , public lectures, prayers, “passes” (laying on of hands), and fluidized water, to study groups such as the School of Light (Escola de Luz) which main focus is individual inner growth and the Medium Development Studies group.

In addition, we have our own “Grupo Mediúnico” (Medium Group) which has limited access.

Finally, we also promote the Spiritism doctrine through our Library containing several books related to the teachings of Jesus and Allan Kardec.

Note: Our group follows the sound methodology of the Brazilian Spiritist Federation and the  Canadian Spiritist Council.

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