CSC Conference 2020

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Join us for the annual Canadian Spiritist Conference, live from Vancouver, BC, with guest speaker Divaldo Franco

About this Event

Have you ever wondered how we can be the change we wish to see in the world? In this year’s conference, we will learn how Spiritism can help us find our purpose on this planet. We will also learn on the mission of the Spiritist Doctrine, the Promised Consoler announced by Jesus, as well as the role we play within our society as Spiritists.

Get your EARLY BIRD ticket now for $50 and join us on this very special day.

The Early Bird sale will go until April 30th. After that tickets will be sold for $75, general admission, until June 30th. From July 1st onwards, tickets will be sold for $100.

The event will be free for children under 13.

All of the revenue of the tickets will be used to cover event costs and also as donation to Fabiano of Christ Institution, which supports Mansão do Caminho.

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